One Epic Life is a movement designed to improve the lives of youth and young adults by providing resources, programs and opportunities as future leaders in their communities. One Epic Life is the solution to breaking the cycle of living life beneath one’s full potential. One Epic Life is committed to creating effective youth and young adult leaders by preparing these young people for life’s challenges, encouraging and equipping them to realize their potential and self-worth through leadership training and mentoring.    


One Epic Life is dedicated to supporting and empowering three focus areas; women, transitional young adults and those looking to mentally get to the next level. One Epic Life is geared to engage people in these focus areas in intentional,  productive, and constructive ways while recognizing and enhancing their strengths. One Epic Life promotes positive outcomes by providing opportunities, fostering positive relationships, and giving the support that is needed to develop assets and prevent risky behaviors.


One Epic Life provides youth and young adult training and develop programs design around evidence‐based pillars and concepts of One Epic Life. One Epic Life provides skill development and leadership training in order to provide opportunities both internally and externally for youth and young adults to gain skills and understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, effective decision making, health and fitness, set personal and vocational goals, and have the self‐confidence to carry them out.  

One Epic Life hosts different special events, conferences, forums and workshops in the community to pull together community members, experts and entrepreneurs to reinvigorate a rich discussion of the challenges we face in today’s youth and young adults. One Epic Life is always looking to co‐sponsor events with local non‐profits and similar organizations within the community. 


Discover what makes you, you. What are your strengths, your weaknesses, and your opportunities? What are your goals? Let's define you.


Build and capitalize on your strengths and opportunities. Build strategies to increase self-efficacy, interpersonal skills, critical thinking and leadership development.


Engage your local community through social activities, volunteering, and serving people. Strategize ways to act as change agents in order to create community change.